Curriculum Information

Curriculum Info

This page is to give you an idea of the curriculum that we are currently working on in the classroom.  We tend to spend a few weeks on any given unit to help build a deeper understanding.  Please remember that the classroom is differentiated so not all learners are working on the exact same thing all the time.  Often we will introduce an overarching concept and learners will work within that concept on whatever particular skill they are developing.  For example we may be working on a Narratives Unit, but many of our learners are still working on letter formation, brave spelling, sentence formation, punctuation, spelling, and grammar all through that unit.  Some will be ready for more of a focus on narrative, while others are building up different skills.  Another example would be place value, while some learners are ready to build a better understanding of place value, others are still working on counting, basic addition and number formation.
Current Curriculum
First Six Weeks Of School – We will spend time building our classroom community and learning about our classroom and our classmates.

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