First some housekeeping…If you have a few extra brown paper grocery bags lying around please drop them off in the classroom. We will be using them to send work home at the end of the year.

Also please note, on Friday I will be at my college reunion and the class will have former CLC teacher Marianne Petersen as their “guest educator” for the day.

Please enjoy the following photos of Counting Collections*, Lexi’s PLP on magic, Andres’s PLP on Alexander Hamilton, Annabelle’s PLP on taking care of her dog, some measuring and our recent praying mantis art.

* Counting Collections are a wonderful math activity based on the main ideas that mathematicians plan and count, organize their counting, and record their counting. We learned about them from our very own Darlene Fish-Doto who brought this activity from her former job at the UCLA Lab School. By counting a variety of materials (shells, counters, tiny plastic piggies, markers, dragon’s tears (!), dice and more) learners are building their sense of quantity, conservation of number, estimation, multiplicative reasoning and place value. And beyond all that, they LOVE counting!