The learners have truly enjoyed the Post Office Project for the past few days. Today was day three and our post office was running smoothly. 

Here are some photos of Station One. The learners figure out how much money they need to purchase stamps and then they fill out the withdrawal slip. 

Station Two – They take their withdrawal slip to the bank and withdraw money to purchase their stamps. 

Station Three – they purchase stamps from the stamp seller and then they place their stamp on each letter. 

Station Four – this is where the mail is processed!  We have the face-up person, date  stamper, and cancel stamper. Lots of fun at this station. 

Station Five – this is the final stop at the Room 10 Post Office! The mail is delivered to each mailbox. 

For writers workshop we had a fun lesson about how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The children learned in a very  tangible way that it is very important to include lots of details in our “how-to” books. As you can see from our notes below – step 1 to 3 needed more details. 

They also learned how to add diagrams to their books.