We have had some very exciting last few days in Room 10. Today we kicked off our Post Office, with learners filling out withdrawal slips, getting money from the bank, buying stamps, mailing Valentines and working as bankers, mail carriers, postal workers and much more!

Friday was the 100th day of school. We enjoyed many activities including learning about a 100 chart, making individual bags of trail mix out of exactly 100 pieces of snack food (10 groups of 10), writing about the number 100 (100 things we can and can’t hold, 100 things we’d like and not like to eat, etc…), and reading a story about 100 baby chicks then finding 100 numbered chicks hidden throughout the room and matching them up on the 100 chart.

In math first graders have been working hard on their number scrolls, giant rolls of paper in which they are practicing writing their numbers using place value knowledge. We also have been playing “guess the missing number” on the 100 chart.

In writer’s workshop we kicked off a new unit: How To Books. The learners were very enthusiastic about this topic as they are all experts in many different topics. So far we have books on how to plant a flower, how to sew a pillow, how to draw a cute porcupine, how to feed a fish and many more!

In art we learned about Chinese New Year and made roosters, painting with FORKS! We also learned about artist Jim Dine and make heart paintings imitating his heart compositions.