Curriculum information about the Post Office Project:

Enduring Understandings:
Post offices organize and deliver mail
We can work together to accomplish large tasks that we could not otherwise do on our own
We can send items through the mail
Mail is a form of communication
Banks can hold our money until we need it
We use money to buy items we need
All mail needs postage

Essential Questions:
How can we communicate with people who live far away?
Where can we keep our money?
How do we get our money when we need it?
How do you mail a letter?
How is mail organized and delivered?
How can we work together to make a bank and post office?

Learners will know and understand:
What are the different values of the coins?
How are post offices organized?
How do you send mail?
How is mail delivered?
How are banks organized?
How do you take money out of a bank?
How do you work with others?
How do you use alphabetical order?

Learners will be able to:
Calculate how many coins
Discriminate between the different coins and their amounts
Explain how to use the mail system
Categorize names alphabetically
Monitor their own role in a group project