We had a fun week of learning in Room 10. On Wednesday the first graders made delicious homemade salsa. As you can see from the photos fun was had by all. 

On Wednesday after Spanish the second grade came to visit Room 10. Our very special visitors shared their end of unit books from writers workshop. The learners in Room 10 were excited to see so many of their old pals reading their amazing stories. It was certainly a special writers workshop celebration.

This morning Ron and Mr. Ed came for a special visit. Ron read a special book to the children. Then Ron shared how our precious Mr. Ed is learning how to dance. It was a very fun and lively visit! 

During first grade math time today we figured out all the ways to make 12. We had a wonderful discussion on the different ways to make sure we found every combination.

For writers workshop this week we continued with more lessons on how the edit our books.