Today we began a large class project, making a Kindness Quilt. This project was introduced to me by Mia’s mom Deena who will also be doing the project with her 3/4 class. We started by talking about kindness and reading the wonderful book The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. Our discussion dovetailed nicely with what they recently had learned about Martin Luther King. The learners were then given “homework” for the next few days to think about acts of kindness that they do (or have done) in their everyday lives. On Friday we will gather to share one example of a kind act. (It can be something as simple as reading to a little sibling, picking up some trash outside the classroom or helping your parent do the dishes without being asked.) We will then create individual quilt squares about our act of kindness, and finally assemble them together to make a large quilt. Finally, we will then “pass it on” by sharing our project with another class, hoping that they too will be thinking of kindness and make their own squares to add to our creation.

In art last week we talked about Chinese calligraphy scrolls and made some winter landscapes in this style. We learned that for over 2,000 years artists have made this type of art, using a red stamp to mark their work as their own. Learners were given a variety of stamps to individualize their work, many choosing the rooster, this year’s Chinese horoscope sign.

Math has been focused on subtraction, talking about the different strategies you can use and doing hands-on activities to make subtraction equations. For example, we “bowled” with marbles and markers as bowling pins, then wrote equations based on what happened. For example: I had 10 pins, 4 fell down, 6 are left standing. 10-4=6.

In Writer’s Workshop we are still working on our small moments stories. We are learning how to edit our work. Yesterday I introduced how to use a checklist to prepare our work to be “published”.


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