This morning we had another wonderful lesson about Martin Luther King. I read the children the book “March On! The day my brother changed the world” by Christine King Farris. This is a wonderful book written by MLK’s sister. She tells the story from her perspective about the day MLK gave his “I have a dream” speech. I have the CD that goes along with the book which has Christine King Farris reading the book out loud. It is a very moving story and it is even more moving to hear the story read out loud by Christine King Farris.

After the story we had a class meeting about MLK. Here is the list of what the children shared during our class meeting. (these are their exact words)

Martin Luther King:

  • he wanted everyone to be treated equally
  • he gave a speech and in his speech he said – I have a dream that all children around the world will not be treated by the color of their skin but treated by who they are as a person
  • he made the world a better place
  • he stood up for himself
  • He wanted black and white people to get along
  • he helped black and white people come together
  • he helped to change the laws about how black people were treated
  • he brought peace to the world
  • he told everyone to be peaceful
  • he shared his dream