Hi everyone,

Yesterday was a special day for me in Room 10. My two daughters Lucy and Annie joined me the first few hours of school. We started the day with our Morning Meeting. Lucy and Annie are experts in morning meeting, having done it daily at their school since kindergarten…and they are now in 4th and 6th grades! They taught us their favorite meeting greeting, the shoe greeting. Each learner puts one shoe in the center of the circle and then we take turns, picking a shoe, finding its owner and looking them in the eye and saying good morning. The class then wanted to teach them one of their favorite meeting activities, the Ram Sam Sam song (complete with a Star Wars verse). It seems like only yesterday, my girls were that young, it was so much fun for me to watch them assist in the crafts seminar, teach games at recess and read their favorite books aloud to the class.

In writer’s workshop we have been working on our small moments stories. We use the analogy of a watermelon seed. For example, a watermelon story might be about an entire day at school, a watermelon slice story is something specific like snacktime at school, and a watermelon seed story is a tiny moment, like when I tried guacamole for the first time during snack. We also have been working on craft moves during Writer’s Workshop. Craft moves are things writers do to make their stories more interesting. Yesterday’s lesson was on pop-out words, ways writers manipulate the text to make words pop (for example, changing the font size, color, italicizing, bolding, etc…)

In math we finished up our shapes unit by carefully observing geometric shapes and their attributes to design quilt square patterns. We also used white pattern blocks to create symmetrical snowflakes.

Special art projects of late included our winter tree art with watercolor/salt skies and layered tissue trees, our Jasper John-inspired name art for the holiday photo albums and some family portraits to correspond with our family unit.

During first grade time we have been focusing on guided reading and sigh word activities. Yesterday the learners did a sight word activity where they painted a sheet of holiday lights, with a sight word hiding underneath in white crayon. They then had to practice writing their individualized sight word list words.

Please enjoy some photos from the past few days I’ve been with the class: