Today Mia’s grandmother Barbara,  prepared a wonderful lesson for the learners in Room 10. The children learned about the history of Hanukkah, made delicious latkes from scratch, and played the dreidel game. Fun was certainly had by all! 

I wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to Barbara for preparing this special lesson and activity for the learners.  We all had a wonderful morning learning how to make latkes and play the dreidel game. 

The morning began with a special story read by Deena Mia’s mom about Hanukkah. 

After the story we split the class in half. Group one prepared the homemade latkes, and group two learned how to play the dreidel game. The children peel the potatoes, grated the potatoes, and with parent support put the rest of the potatoes in the food processor. Dana cooked all of the latkes for us. That was a big job – lots of yummy latkes to enjoy! 

After about 30 minutes we switched groups so every child had the opportunity to make latkes and play the dreidel game. 

The latkes were done and now came the best part – eating the latkes! They were absolutely delicious. 

Thank you Barbara! We appreciate you!!!