We have enjoyed several wonderful lessons and activities in Room 10 this week. On Monday during first grade math time we had a fun math activity of how to add-on or subtract within 30. The learners would either move forward or backwards on a number line to 30. Fun was had by all. 

The kinders learned about the letter G during Slingerland handwriting time on Monday. The first graders have now completed the review of upper and lower case letters. The first graders will now have a readers workshop lesson each Monday during by this timeslot. Our lesson on 12/5 was learning how to build good reading habits.  

Elena our Spanish educator continues to teach your children amazing lessons  each week.  She is quite excited to see all of you next Thursday at our Family Holiday Potluck. 

For writers workshop this week the learners have been working on learning how to add feelings and how people think to their stories. This has lead to several thoughtful class meetings. Our morning meeting question this morning was “how are you feeling?” and this lead to a fruitful discussion. 

Today in our family groups we participated in the hour of code. Learners worked in mixed grade level groups to be able to find and access coding games. It was fun to watch the older learners support the younger learners with their varying technology skills.