A quick update on the past few Katie days…

A highlight for me was our Writer’s Workshop celebration where we shared our “published” writing with the class. My favorite part was after each learner finished reading, they called on three people to give a specific compliment about their writing. What a thoughtful group! I heard wonderful compliments directly related to our writing lessons such as “I love the way your drawings show action,” “Your speech bubbles are really good” and “You put a lot of details in your writing that explain what happened.” We then celebrated our writing with letter-shaped cookies.

In art we have been working with shapes. We learned about Sonia Delaunay (the first female living artist to get a retrospective at the Louvre!) who specialized in abstract art made up of geometric shapes and bold colors. After looking at examples of her work we painted our own examples. The following week we read Pezzettino by Leo Lionni — a sweet book about a little square who tries to fit in and then realizes that it is important to be yourself — and made cut paper collages like Lionni’s in the book.

We have also been working on shapes in math. We have been sorting shape cards by common attributes, learning about what makes a triangle a triangle and using various materials such as “power polygons”, geoboards and pattern blocks to learn more about shapes and how they relate to each other. Yesterday we put our understanding of symmetry to use by making symmetrical turkeys with paper pattern blocks shapes.

Enjoy the pictures of some of our activities and I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving break!