Dear Families
I wanted to thank you for your support with our Thanksgiving Feast. The photos Amy took are wonderful and I hope they will give you a sense of our feast. It was a special celebration indeed, the learners all sat together at our very long table for close to an hour. We began our feast by holding hands and each of them sharing what they felt thankful for… they all shared so many kind and thoughtful words such as I am thankful for my family, friends, school, kindness, the whole class, and the world that we live in. Then I went around the entire table and told each of the learners something that I appreciated about them individually. This is one of my favorite celebrations with the learners, there is something quite precious/magical to hear all of them share what they appreciate about each other.

Thank you for all of your support by providing the incredible food that we all enjoyed at our feast. And a big thank you to the parent volunteers who helped the learners set the tables, serve the food, clear and wash the dishes. I hope you will take some time to enjoy the photos below.