This week we began cooking time. Each Wednesday the learners will cook and have writers workshop for center time. 

Week one the first graders will cook and have writers workshop. Week two the kinders will cook and have writers workshop. Basically the children will cook every other week. On the week when they aren’t cooking,  they get to have an extra long writing time. This works out quite well, because it gives me more time to conference with the learners.

A big thank you to Deena and Jenee for volunteering as our cooking parents this year. The children absolutely love cooking time,  so I really appreciate their support with cooking each week. This week the first graders made delicious oatmeal pumpkin pancakes. They were yummy! I am attaching the recipe. I actually plan to make them for breakfast tomorrow morning. 

Then on Wednesday, after recess we had PE, Spanish, and Families. This week was our first meeting with our CLC Families. I love that our Kindergarten through 8th grade school does families. This is a special time when learners from all grade levels gather together for an activity. Each family consists of at least one learner from each grade level. Families remain the same, and only change when 8th graders graduate and the kindergarteners join.

This time in families, learners spent time getting to know each other, and then shared writing with each other.

Our lessons this week for writers workshop have been about editing. Next week we will have a writers workshop celebration prior to moving onto our next unit of study in writing. 

On Thursday we had math tiles and we completed our field trip reflections about our visit to Katie’s house last week. The learners are really enjoying math tiles each week. 

During first grade math time we are continuing with our unit of study on shapes. The children enjoyed our lesson on Thursday when they used pattern blocks and had to think of every way to make a hexagon, trapezoid, and rhombus.