We had a very exciting and fun filled day in Room 10. I wish all of you a fun and peaceful Halloween. 

Our day began with Halloween themed center time activities. We had four stations and each child went to every station. 

The four stations were: 

Decorating  homemade Halloween shaped sugar cookies (a special thank you to  Leah’s mom for baking the cookies for us) 

Decorating mini pumpkins with stickers

Writers Workshop station 

Math Halloween station – decorating pumpkins with different shapes 

Then we had snack time. A special thank you to Charlotte’s mom for baking us delicious homemade pumpkin muffins!

After recess we got dressed in our costume, took our class photo and got ready for the famous CLC parade and carnival. It was a very busy and fun morning. 

Then it was time for the kinders to go home. The first graders had a calm afternoon. We had lunch, recess time, readers workshop, and yoga. As you can tell from the photos even Taxi was worn out. She loved the quiet reading time in the afternoon with the children. 
Thank you for all of your amazing support to help us celebrate Halloween in Room 10!