I thought it would be nice for you to see all that happens in one day in Room 10. I took photos of each part of our day so you could experience a little bit of what life is like for your child each day at school.  
On Monday we began our day with our morning meeting and then we had our social studies lesson for our unit of study on families. Our lesson was titled our “autobiography poem.” For this lesson each child wrote a short autobiography poem about themselves. While half the class had social studies with the parent volunteers in Educare, the other half had Slingerland handwriting time with me. I know that I sent this to you a few times but here is a reminder in case you did not get a chance to read about the slingerland program. The slingerland program teaches the lower case letters first. Currently I am introducing/teaching one letter each week, and once the kinders are more comfortable with the program, I will teach two letters per week. During center time on Monday I will be teaching the slingerland lesson with the kinders while the first graders have social studies and then we will switch groups. This will allow me to have small group instruction time with each grade level, when I introduce a new letter. Then I will do a practice/review session of the letters we have learned every Wednesday. (this week we learned/reviewed h, l, t, k, a, and b) Currently during this timeframe the first graders are reviewing all of the lower case slingerland letters. We are almost done with this review process and then I plan to review the upper case letters. Once I have completed the review of the upper case letters, I will be teaching a readers workshop lesson with the 1st graders each week during this time slot.
Here are some photos of our social studies and slingerland handwriting time.

After recess time we had a math lesson about our new unit of study on shapes. We played a fun math  activity learning about triangles, squares, hexagons, rhombi,  and trapezoids. Then we had Spanish time with Elena. 

After the kinders went home we had first grade math time. We played a fun math game with hexagons, trapezoids, and squares. Then it was lunch recess time. 

After lunch recess we have language arts time. The children work through different stations/centers each afternoon. We are lucky to have Mandy as a parent volunteer for our phonics station, Barbara as a grandparent volunteer for a reading station, the sight word station the learners do independently, and guided reading time is with me. Our afternoon time is very busy and full of learning. The first graders end each Monday with yoga time. They had a wonderful lesson yesterday. Our yoga educator said the children are doing well, and enjoying her classes.