Katie and I have had a morning meeting everyday since the first day of school. I thought it would be nice to review “why” we value a morning meeting and make time for it “no matter what” everyday. As a review the morning meeting has four parts:
GREETING- goal of greeting

Sets a positive tone for the day

Helps children expand their range of friendships

Gives children a sense of recognition and belonging

Helps children practice offering hospitality
SHARING – goal of sharing

Develop children’s skills of caring and assertive communication
Helps children know one another
Encourage habits of inquiry
Provide practice for public speaking
Strengthen language arts and other content area skills

GROUP ACTIVITY – goal for group activity

Build a class repertoire of songs, games, chants, and poems, which adds to a sense of community and group identity
Encourage active and engaged participation, cooperation, and inclusion
Strengthen academic and social skills

MORNING MESSAGE – goal of morning message
Build community through shared written information

Reinforce language arts, math, and other academic skills in a meaningful and interactive way
Heighten children’s excitement about what they’ll be learning that day
Ease the transition to the rest of the day


The morning meeting has now become a sacred time for the learners to get settled, connect, and learn from each other. On Monday it warmed my heart to see them so excited to share one special thing about their weekend. Every Monday they now know the “sharing” topic question will be to share one thing about their weekend.

The morning meeting has also become a time for us to truly connect and look at each other closely. They are learning how to look at each and make eye contact during our daily greeting activity. Being able to make eye contact is such an important life skill and one that they will need all of their lives.

The photos below are from our morning message over the past few days.