This week we had a fun writers workshop lesson on how sound out and then spell even more words in our stories. I used a rubber band as a visual object to help them see how to stretch out the sounds they hear in a word. We discussed that even if they  just used the beginning and ending sound in a word that was a great start. 

For letter study this week we learned about the letter B. The children really enjoyed making a bear in the shape of an uppercase B. 

On Thursday Ron came for a special visit to read a story and introduce our new dog Mr. Ed to the class. We adopted Mr.Ed a few weeks ago. The learners were beyond excited to hear the story and meet our new dog. Fun was had by all! 

Lastly I wanted to thank everyone for your kind words and support of H4AC. We had a wonderful hike last weekend to Histio look out. Histio look out is just below Clouds Rest and above Half Dome. It is a 20 mile round trip hike from Curry Village. We had 145 hikers joins us for this special weekend.