The last few Katie Days have been filled with discovering new things, while also reinforcing our classroom routines and procedures we will continue to use throughout the year.

In Writer’s Workshop we have been focusing on being independent writers, answering questions ranging from what do I do if I don’t have a sharp pencil to what do I do if I can’t spell a work or if I don’t like the piece I’m currently writing? We also learned some editing tools such as adding long pieces of paper (made fancy by calling them “scrolls”) if we want to add something in the middle of our page.

In math we have been focusing on identifying attributes (e.g. color, size, shape) and developing a language to describe things. Then they have been sorting objects according to these attributes. We have sorted buttons (by color, shape, size, how many buttons, thickness and more!) and been introduced to special math tools called attribute blocks. First graders have been working with number cards to compare amounts and order numbers biggest to smallest. We also have had some dot number talks where I show a dot card for a short amount of time and each learner explains how they came up with the sum of dots (more on this next time).

In art we have been continuing our color theory work, talking about how color makes us feel (and even looking at famous artworks to prove the point) and making abstract watercolors juxtaposing warm and cold colors. We also made color wheels out of clay in the 3 primary colors.

As mentioned in Irene’s previous email, we started seminars yesterday. What joy to see the learners fully engaged in such varied and interesting topics. Just a few of things I saw as I walked around were letter keys flying off a keyboard in Take-Apart, spinning tops being created in Crafts and the solar system being recreated in Science.

Enjoy the some pictures of our color wheels, first grade dance time and more!