We had another wonderful week of learning, and exploring in Room 10. 

We had our first slingerland lesson on Monday. The first graders have already completed an in-depth year of our learning to write slingerland program, so they will only be reviewing the letter formation for upper and lower case letters. Once the first graders have reviewed all the letters we will have a readers workshop lesson each Monday during this time slot. Then once center time with our parent volunteers begins each group will meet with me for 30 minutes (for Slingerland / readers workshop) and also have a science/social studies lesson for 30 minutes. The kinders will have a slingerland lesson with me each Monday for the entire school year. The kinders will also have a review lesson of the letters they have learned every other Wednesday after Spanish.

Here is a brief explanation of the multi-sensory slingerland learning to write program. The program teaches lower case letters first. I will introduce/teach one letter each week in the beginning, and once the kinders understand the program, I will teach two letters per week. The pictures below show a few of the steps involved in the program. Today we learned the lowercase letter “l.” Please ask your kinder about the “head line, belt line, and foot line.”

During first grade time the children are really enjoying our afternoon language arts activities. Here are three photos of our listening center, sight word station, and phonics lesson with our parent  volunteer Carla Liam’s mom. 

On Wednesday we finished our almost four week process of creating our classroom agreements and hopes and dreams for 2016/17. 

During writers workshop we had a fun mini lesson about what they should do when they have to spell hard words or draw hard pictures. We all agreed as a class to not give up and to learn how to persevere. 

We also had our letter of the week lesson. The letter we studied this week was H. 

On Friday we made our class birthday graph. We will have to complete it on Monday because 6 learners were absent on Friday.  

Here are some fun photos of free choice time on Friday!