This week we continued our discussions during circle time to create our classroom agreements. We had a class meeting on Monday to discuss this question. “What will make our classroom a safe and friendly place where everyone can learn?” Here is what we discussed. 

Our next class meeting was about “what rules do we need?” Here is our list. 

This morning we had lively class meeting and came up with six classroom agreements. Next week we will signed our agreements and work on our individual “hopes and dreams.” 

For writers workshop this week we continued with our lessons from last week titled “when you are done we have just begun.” We also had another lesson today about how to think of ideas / topics for writers workshop. The learners are so excited to write each day. 

On Wednesday we read our first story from our “L, M, N, O, P and All the Letters A to Z” book. We will be using this book for our letter study and phonics lessons. We will be learning our letters in Slingerland order because it matches our writing program. I will explain more about Slingerland when we begin it later next week. We began our lesson with making a list of every word we could think of that started with the letter L. Then we read the poem several times, and as a class we underlined every L in the poem. Then the learners drew a picture in their letter of the week journals of the beautiful lily. 

During first grade time we have been very busy this week. We learned about our sight word folders. The learners were very excited today to learn about and work  in their sight word folders. The steps are: say, make, mix. As you can see in the photos the children had lots of fun. 

We also played some fun math games about counting. We had  several discussions about the best strategies to count different amounts of objects. The learners are also very excited and eager to do roll-n-write everyday at kinder dismissal time.  
On Monday we had our first yoga class for the first graders. The learners had a great time learning some fun yoga poses and movements. 

Here are some fun photos from free choice time this week. The children LOVE free choice time.