My first few days with the class have been filled with exploration, learning and fun.

In math we have been exploring a variety of math materials: geoblocks, unifix cubes, pattern blocks, etc… We have built with them, estimated them, counted them, compared and contrasted them and even tried to create world records with them  🙂

As many of you know I have a background in art history and studio art and love incorporating art into our curriculum. We will have a dedicated art lesson each week. So far we have brainstormed what art is and then learned about many different types of art. We even discovered that art is all around us. We also learned about how to take care of materials and decorated the art portfolios we will use throughout the year. We even tackled one of the hardest projects of the year, self-portraits. After comparing examples by artists such as van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Chuck Close, we got to work on our own portraits, making sure we had the right proportions and created creative expressions of how we see ourselves.

This summer I attended a professional development seminar on Writer’s Workshop. I am beyond excited for our writing teaching this year. So far we have learned about our Writer’s Workshop folders and many of the procedures. We learned we are all writers and even came up with a name for our class during writing time, The Everybody Writes Club.

It has been a busy first few days with me and I look forward to a wonderful year with this group of learners!