We had a very busy and fun-filled second and third day of school. We began each morning with our morning meeting. I described the goals and flow of our daily morning meeting on my blog post on Tuesday. Please be sure to read it when you have a few minutes.

Our days have also been filled with class read aloud time, snack time, PE, Spanish, writers workshop, free choice, and recess. During our class meeting times we have also been learning about the expectations and procedures for our daily life in Room 10. For example we explored and learned about our pencil boxes, the dress-up corner, classroom library, and peace corner. We even had two mindfulness lessons. I will be implementing a daily mindfulness practice with the children this year. I went to a week-long mindfulness training for educators two summers ago. Since this training I have incorporated mindfulness into our daily curriculum.

After the kinders went home today, we had first grade math time. We learned about how we will share our ideas during math time. The learners will give me a thumbs up with their hand right in front of their chest. I explained that we will do this, so everyone has their own “think time” and doesn’t feel pressured if they need more time to think than their neighbor. Then we had lunch/recess. After lunch recess we learned about the listening center and we ended our day with free choice.

I wish you all a wonderful Labor Day weekend!