We had a most wonderful first day of school. Thank you for joining us for the first part of our morning. Katie and I truly enjoyed every moment we had with your precious children. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Our day began with our very first morning meeting for the school year. The morning meeting has four parts, they are listed below with a brief explanation.

Greeting – each child is greeted by name, this is the most basis way of providing a sense of belonging

Sharing – the children will share news or information about themselves, which helps them get to know one another and strengthen their communication skills

Group Activity – a whole-group activity that reinfores learning and encourages cooperation and inclusion

Morning Message – a brief note from the teacher to the class further reinforces skills and sparks children’s excitement about what they’ll be learning that day

We also had read aloud time, snack time, recess, tour of the school, free choice, and we ended our morning with our closing circle. Each day before the kinders go home we will end our day with a closing circle.

The purpose of the closing circle is to provide a peaceful end to the school day. The four goals of the closing circle are listed below.
To end the day on a calm and positive note

To practice the habit of reflection

To foster students’ awareness of valuable aspects of school, of themselves, and of classmates

To build and reinforce a sense of community

The last part of the closing circle is singing a song. We will sing this song each day for the entire school year.

The Wish

The time has come

to say good-bye

we learned a lot today

Some of us will go

and some of us will stay

And we will all be together tomorrow

to work, to have fun

and to be together in our K/1 community

For first grade time we had math, lunch, and language arts time.


Enjoy photos from our first day of school!  I wil post them in my next blog update.