This week we had seven PLP’S. Our mornings were very busy. Addison’s PLP was on triathlons. Last summer Addison  competed in a kids’ triathlon. 

Layla’s PLP was about how to care for your pet hamster and gold fish. She gave a very detailed presentation on how she has learned to care for her two pets. 

Kiera gave a very informative PLP on pandas. We even learned about red pandas. Great job Kiera!

Lilliana presented her PLP on bees. Lilliana did a wonderful job teaching us all about the life of bees. Great job Lilliana!

Sadie presented her PLP on how to care for the earth. She even read us three different pledges on how to care for our planet. Great job Sadie!

Nathan’s PLP presentation was all about Kung-fu. He gave a very informative talk and he even showed us some of his Kung-fu moves! 

Karsten’s PLP was about a nerd gun math game that he created. He even showed us a video of him playing the game. 

On National Donut Day – Friday Ron came  for a special visit. He read the children one of his favorite books “If you give a dog a donut.” He also brought our precious dog Hazel to assist in his presentation. And of course he brought donuts for the learners. Fun was had by all!