We had a wonderful week of class play rehearsal. It is such a joy for me to watch the class play unfold each week. I really felt like the learners took the play to the next level this week. They are ready for our dress rehearsal in costume on Tuesday. I can hardly wait to see them perform in front of their families and friends on Wednesday night. Yesterday the children decided on the official name for the 2016 Class Play “Adventures at Elkus Ranch.”  

Peter did his PLP on Tuesday. He gave a wonderful presentation on how to make delicious homemade Ginger Cookies. The children loved his cookies. Great job Peter! 

On Thursday Elias did his PLP. Elias gave a very informative and interesting presentation on DNA. He even made a DNA strand out of zoob pieces. Great job Elias! 

Mia also gave her PLP presentation on Thursday. She gave a very detailed PLP on Kid’s Baking on how to bake sugar cookies. The cookies were delicious! Great job Mia!