Our class play rehearsals have been going really well. On Monday we had our last rehearsal in the garden area. On Tuesday we had our first rehearsal on the stage in the old gym. It went well. The children were so excited to rehearse on the stage. 

We had three PLP’S this week. On Monday Talyn did a wonderful job presenting her PLP on how to train a dog. She also taught us all about agility training. 

On Tuesday Anoushka gave her PLP presentation on how to dye your dogs fur. She gave the audience lots of information on how to dye the color of your dogs fur. 

On Wednesday Aidan presented his PLP on all the amazing legos that he has created. He did a wonderful job sharing his joy and passion of building lego creations with his peers. 

The kinders have been busy for the past several weeks learning their uppercase letters. Since we spent so much time carefully learning the lowercase letters the process of learning uppercase letters goes much more quickly. 
Our letter of the week was U this week. As a special lesson Talyn brought in her ukele for our letter study today. She told the learners all about her ukele and then played a song for all of us to enjoy. She played “You Are My Sunshine.” She did such a wonderful job sharing her joy of music with her peers. 

For writers workshop we have continued on with our unit of study on opinion writing. We had a very lively discussion on “should we cut down trees?” All of the learners had so much to share about this topic.