We had a busy week filled with learning and of course our class play rehearsals. 

For science we performed an experiment to see what would  happen if we cut off different parts of a plant. Each group had five pansies for the lesson.

Plant 1 – cut off the roots

Plant 2 – cut off leaves, flowers, and stem

Plant 3 – cut off the flower

Plant 4 – cut off the leaves 

Plant 5 – our control 

We will review our results on Monday. 

We continued with our writers workshop unit of study on opinion writing. Our lessons this week were about learning how to convince our reader about our opinion.

Our letter of the week was R. Of course Ron’s name made it on the list of words that start with R. 

On Thursday we made our May calendars during center time, and the first graders made delicious blueberry muffins. 

We had several math lessons this week to help the learners learn how to solve word problems. They really enjoyed the one posted below.