We had a busy week in room 10. We launched our final unit of study for writers workshop on opinion writing. Our lessons this week were centered around observing a collection of items,  deciding which was your favorite in the collection,  and then convincing everyone why you felt that way. This class LOVES sharing their opinions. 

Our science lesson this week was learning about the parts of a plant. The children learned about leaves, flowered, stems, and roots. 

The cooking project this week was making delicious blue berry muffins.

We also had several math lessons to work on our math skills to 20 involving both subtraction and addition. 

I read the class play script several times through out the week. Each day as I read it to the children,  they would give me feedback and suggestions to our class play script writer Ron. Ron came for the final edits today. We have our first class play rehearsal on Monday morning. 

I wanted to thank everyone for your kind thoughts and words about my precious dog Ginger. I still miss her dearly, but each day has gotten easier for me. Here is a sweet photo of her from a few weeks ago.