This morning we had our letter of the week lesson on the letter D. Then the children created detailed pictures in their magic books about the letter D. 

Then we worked on our April calendars. Tomorrow after recess we will finish our April calendars. The top portion of the calendar will be centered around our final lesson on our unit of study on recycling. The learners will be writing a “pledge” about what they can do to take care of our environment. 

Ron also came for his first visit about the class play. First he asked the learners to share what they have learned about this year.  He followed up this question by asking them what they would like to see in our class play. 

Each year Ron somehow is able to write a class play script that is loosely aligned to our units of study and curriculum. Here is a list of what the children shared with Ron. We learned about: 



Police, Firefighters, Librarians, Post Office

Amazing Art 


Morning Meeting

Math Games and Math Tiles

Informational Writing

Personal Narratives and Small Moments



They had so many ideas and thoughts to share with Ron. The room was filled with excitement!