We had a busy week filled with lots of learning. We continued with our writers workshop unit of study on informative writing. Our lessons this week were about  learning how to keep our “readers” in mind when we write. We had several mini-lessons on this topic. One of our lessons was titled “How can I teach my readers?” This topic lead to a very lively circle time discussion. It makes me feel happy to see the children so excited and engaged about writing.  

Slingerland letter formation update for the kinders. The kinders have almost learned all of their lower case letters. We will finish our last three tomorrow morning. Then we will move onto upper case letters. It is much quicker to teach the upper case letters because we spent so much time learning the correct lower case letter formation. 

 For cooking this week the learners made homemade guacamole and it was delicious! Thank you to Sara Layla’s mom for  teaching cooking this week. 

  This week we had a special volunteer from NDB. She is a senior and is interested in becoming a teacher. The children all adored Maggy.  
 Our letter study for the week was the letter O. The children had fun making a list of every word they could think of that started with the letter O.