I have really enjoyed spending some extra time with the class while Colleen is in Sweden. In math we have been finishing up our unit on graphing. We graphed goldfish crackers and lucky charms, how many teeth we’ve lost, whether we’d like to be a whale or eagle and our favorite ice cream flavors. First graders also did a project where they came up with their own survey questions and polled the group, then represented their results and presented them to the class. It was fun to see the different questions the learners came up with (ranging from what is your favorite song to favorite super hero), as well as how they chose to represent their data (interlocking cube trains, bar graphs, pictographs and more!)

In Language Arts we have been working on making connections to stories and thinking about the moral or lesson the author is trying to convey.

This week we had an extra special visit from Professor Ginger who came to the class to show a non-fiction presentation on Australian Shepherds. As you can see from the pictures below it was both very informative and entertaining. Some children insisted Professor Ginger was in fact Ron, but I didn’t buy it….

In art we have been focusing on making art from recycled materials. We’ve started two projects: koi fish out of toilet paper tubes and our giant rainbow collage made of old magazines and the materials we gathered from our SCRAP field trip. We also looked at the art of Dale Chihuly and made versions of his “macchia” using coffee filters. With added sheen and glitter applied by Dianne, they sparkle and shine just like Chilhuly’s glass masterpieces!