We have been very busy learning for the past few days in Room 10. We made our March calendars on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. March is filled with lots of birthdays in Room 10. The art project for our calendar this month was learning about daffodils. We observed the live daffodils in front of the office and then learned how to draw one on our calendars.









On Wednesday morning we learned all about the letter E and then we drew pictures and wrote in our magic books.


For writers workshop this week we continued with our unit of study on informative writing. We had several follow-up lessons on “how to write a teaching book.” We also had a fun lesson today about how to be super smart when reading non-fiction books. Ron joined us for the end of this mini-lesson and read the children a detailed non-fiction book about earth worms. 




 This morning the kinders made delicious  veggie soup with Sara. We also had math tiles and writers workshop time.

During first grade math time we have been continuing on with our unit on learning how to tell time. We had a lively discussion today about “what time we…” each day.