A quick update on the last few Katie Days….

In math we have been busy working on measuring with different units of measurement. First we brainstormed a list of rules on how to measure. Then we did a handful of activities…measured distances with cubes, strips of paper with rulers, our feet with paper clips, pennies and cubes, and the class favorite: measuring each other. After each activity we added to our list of rules anything new that we discovered when doing the activity. By the end, we had a great list of things to remember, such as: always measure starting at the zero on the ruler not at the edge, make sure there are no spaces between the units of measurement, your measurement might not be accurate if your line of cubes is curved instead of straight, always use items as your unit of measurement that are the same length (small vs. big paper clips).

We also have started some work on graphing and made a graph on how many teeth each of us have lost. We also learned interesting tooth traditions from around the world. Ask your learner about the different traditions such as El Raton or what happens in some Asian cultures if you don’t throw your tooth straight onto the roof.

In first grade math time we have been working on telling time to the nearest hour and half hour. Although it seems automatic to you and me, this can be a challenging concept for K/1.

In art we read The Lorax, Dr. Seuss’s classic story about a land that gets destroyed by a greedy “Once-ler” who cuts down all the truffula trees. After discussing what this might have to do with our reuse/reduce/recycle unit, we painted our own zany Dr. Seussian truffula-tree landscapes.

I also introduced the learners to some artists you use recycled materials in their art, from HA Schult who installed 1,000 life-sized “Trash People”, to Korean artist Yong Ho Ji hand who carves old tires into beautiful animal sculptures. In the coming weeks we will be making art out of recycled materials. Please send in any of the following materials for both our leprechaun traps and our recycled art unit:

  • Small strips of old ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Small pieces of recycled paper (colored paper only)
  • Small yogurt containers (rinsed and dried)
  • Old game pieces and cards
  • Fabric scraps
  • Bottle caps and plastic lids
  • Toilet Paper and Paper Towel rolls
  • Old keys
  • Elastics
  • Plastic strawberry bins
  • Plastic netting that onions and oranges sometimes come in
  • Any other random small CLEAN pieces of trash or recycling

We have started a collection to the left of the classroom refrigerator. Please stash your items there for now.

Thanks so much everyone! I hope you have a wonderful rainy weekend.


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