On Monday we continued with our writers workshop unit of study on informational / non-fiction writing. I taught them how to use their fingers to come up with four facts  / ideas for their books. The example in the picture below is about yoga. This lesson really helped all of them to get started with their books. 

We also had a few lessons on measurement this week. This afternoon the first graders played a fun activity with pattern blocks. They had to fill different geometric designs with pattern blocks and then figure out which design could hold/fill the shape. 

For cooking today the first graders made delicious homemade soup. They all loved the soup so much that they asked Jenee for the recipe. Thank you Jenee for creating such wonderful cooking projects each week. We appreciate you!  



We also had math tiles and the kinders had slingerland handwriting time with me. 


Our writers workshop lesson today taught them the three important steps to follow on how to write a teaching book.  All of the children were engaged and excited to write their books.