The opening of our Post Office went very smoothly this morning. The children carefully figured out how much money was needed to purchase stamps at the post office. Once they purchased stamps, they carefully put their stamps in the correct location. Then they placed the letters/valentines in our CLC mailbox. Once they had completed this part of the process,  we opened the CLC Post office to process the mail. All the letters were stamped with date and then each stamp was cancelled. The final step was delivering the mail to our mailboxes. It was a very exciting morning.

Station #1  Figuring out how much money is needed to purchase our stamps  
  Station #2 Withdrawing money from the bank   
 Station #3 Purchasing stamps 

  Station #4 The Post Office – the  letters are date stamped and cancelled. Letters go in the “reject box” if the stamp is in the incorrect location.   
 Station #5 The CLC mailboxes – letters are delivered! 

 Station #6 Making valentines for fun! 

 After recess we went to the garden for our mindfulness lesson. Our lesson today centered around “heartfulness. ” We thought of one person we were thankful for and we filled our hearts with love for that person. 


Then we celebrated the Chinese New Year. We read two wonderful stories about the Chinese New Year.  

We ended our morning with Spanish time. We had a very busy day!