On Wednesday morning it felt so wonderful to be back with the children in our classroom.  We had an extra long morning meeting to re-connect.  The learners had so many wonderful stories to share with me.  They were also so proud to share the beautiful tissue paper flowers and card that they had made to welcome me back.

After our morning meeting we worked in our magic books about our letter of the week “i.”  We made a list of every word we could think of that started with the letter i. Then the learners had PE and Spanish.  We ended our day with Families.  The families activity for this month was making valentines for the veterans.  It was very sweet to see the thought and care that each child put into making cards for the veterans.



On Thursday we had our regular center time activities.  This week the kinders made healthy grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  The children also had math tiles and writing time with Colleen.  After recesss Ron came for a visit with our precious dog Hazel.  The children were so excited to Ron and Hazel.  Ron also read them the wonderful story “Snowflake Bentley.”

For first grade math time we played a fun math game about place value.  The learners had to roll a dice, write down the number, build it with base ten blocks, and then turn it into a number sentences.  After lunch we had our regular language arts stations.