I’ve been enjoying having consistent days with the learners while Colleen continues to rest and heal. Her procedure went well. She really misses the kids and is really looking forward to being back with the learners next week!

In math we have been focusing on probability. Learners did activities with dice, flipping coins and using spinners to see the likelihood of flipping heads or tails, rolling a certain number, or a certain color on a wheel. We explored questions such as when rolling two dice and adding them together, why are you more likely to get certain numbers like 7 and 8 vs. numbers other numbers like 2 and 12.

For Language Arts we have been focusing on habits good readers do, most specifically making connections. The class learned special hand motions for the three main types of connections: Text to Text, Text to Self and Text to World.

For the community unit we started a multi-step project. First we did an interactive writing exercise in which we wrote about our favorite part of the school community. Then we graphed which areas we like the best. Lastly we made a “mural” mapping our community, paying special attention to our favorite spots: the library, forest, side yard, old gym and of course Room 10.

In art we recently completed a project inspired by the class’s study of Martin Luther King. We talked about our dreams for the world and how the new year is often a time of reflection and also discussed our hopes and wishes for ourselves and our families. Here are some examples: “I’d like all the bad guys in the world to become good guys.” “”I hope to do lots of fun outings with my family this year.” Lastly we made an art project capturing their wishes and an image of each learner reaching for their dreams. Please come by and check them out on the bulletin board.

During first grade time, we continued with phonics, Guided Reading and the listening center. For math time we have been working on story problems. We’ve been working off pictures similar to the example below. Each learner has comes up with their own story problems and the corresponding equation. They’ve easily been doing multiplication and division without even knowing it 🙂 Some sample questions from this beach scene were: If there are three bows on each kite and three kites, how many bows altogether? There are two people on each of the 4 blankets. How many people would there be total if one more person joined each blanket?

at the beach

Lastly, please don’t forget the Strategic Planning town-hall meeting on Wednesday, January 27, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Educare will be open! (Details in Stacy’s email earlier this week.)

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