Dear Families,

We had our first Martin Luther King Jr. lesson yesterday. I was very moved by our class discussion. Your children are incredibly thoughtful, and kind. We had a very moving and insightful conversation. By the end of our meeting, I was quite take back by all that was discussed and shared in a K/1 classroom about MLK. Our discussion began with this question “Who is Martin Luther King and how did he change the world?”

Here is a list of some of what was shared:

MLK was killed
He gave a very special speech called “I Have A Dream”
His speech changed the world
MLK’s dream was that black and white people could all be together and be kind to one another
He taught us that everyone is different in a their special own way
He taught us that everyone matters
When MLK was young people were unkind to him
When he was alive a black person had to give up their seat on the bus for a white person
When he was young black and white people could not be friends
MLK was not allowed to play with his friend who was white
I am happy that MLK gave his speech because he allowed us to all learn how to be friends
After our discussion I read the children a book about MLK. I plan to have several more lessons and activities about MLK over the next few weeks. I just wanted to share a small moment with all of you. I was very moved by the class meeting. I feel so blessed and honored to work and learn with your precious children each day.