We had a lovely first day together after winter break.  It felt so wonderful to be together on the rug for our morning meeting.  The children were so excited and eager to share some of their magical moments from vacation.

After our morning meeting we had slingerland with Colleen and social studies with David and Simona.  Right before recess Ron came for his first story time of 2016.  He read the children the book “The Three Snow Bears” by Jan Brett.  As you can tell from the photos the learners were very engaged and excited to see him.

After recess we had a lovely mindfulness lesson in the garden.  We reviewed what we had learned about our anchor breath and then we spent a few minutes feeling grateful for someone special in our lives.  For our garden lesson, the learners drew pictures in their journals of what the garden looks like in January.  They observed many changes in the garden since we last saw it in November.

Next the learners had Spanish time with Elena.  The learners were very excited to see Elena after our two weeks of vacation.

Enjoy the photos!