Welcome to the SCCLC Hour of Code!

The hour of code was created by an organization that recognized how important computer programing is in our daily lives. The purpose of this hour to let everyone see how easy, fun and exciting it can be to “code”. This hour will be dedicated to giving everyone a chance to code and learn from each other.

Here is what we are going to do:

We are going to break up into small groups
8th, K and 3rd
7th, 1st and 5th
6th, 2nd and 4th
The oldest in the group is the facilitator and time keeper

We will be taking turns choosing a project and coding. While one person is working on a project the other one or two people are watching, encouraging and asking relevant questions;

After about 15 minutes switch the person doing the coding – the person at the computer. Make sure EVERYONE gets a chance to code.

Every group will have a list of projects to choose from, some our novice (beginner) projects, and some are advanced. (leaders: If you are advanced and want to show your group something you have worked on that isn’t on the list, that is okay, as long as you are engaging your group!)

Treat each other respectfully – pay attention when someone else is at the computer
Treat the computers respectfully – these are important resources
Support each other – be supportive and encouraging, no negativity!

When we are done, the oldest in the group will pass our stickers for the K – 5th graders and certificates. You can write on your certificate what you did during hour of code and whether or not you liked it!
If students come across difficulties it’s okay to respond:
“I don’t know. Let’s figure this out together.”
“Technology doesn’t always work out the way we want.”
“Learning to program is like learning a new language; you won’t be fluent right away.”

Project choices:

Beginners – choose one

Learn the basics with angry birds: https://studio.code.org/hoc/1

or a little more challenging:

2) Begin with animating your NAME! Go to https://scratch.mit.edu/hoc2014/

pick “animate your name”

Follow the directions on the far left
(Click: “Click here to start”)
then follow each step!

If this isn’t working well – click on the “all tips” in the right hand corner and watch some videos on how to make scratch work.

If you have more experience, try

other projects here: https://scratch.mit.edu/hoc2014/

or here: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/283340/.

If you are REALLY experienced share something you have done with the members of your group.