Writers Workshop: This week we continued with our writers workshop lessons on personal narratives. The learners are becoming much more comfortable with the process of writing stories using these four important steps: touch, tell, sketch, and then write. The photos posted below are of our writers workshop table time on Monday.

Spanish: During Spanish this week Elena has been busy teaching them a few special holiday songs for our Holiday Potluck next week.

For center time on Thursday the learners enjoyed math tiles, cooking, and slingerland handwriting time. For cooking they made yummy cheese quesadillas. The first graders are almost done reviewing all of their uppercase and lowercase letters. The kinders have now learned these lowercase letters: h, l, b, c, g, a, s, k, and t.

We had some very engaging math lessons this week about place value. During our lessons we used our place value mats to help the learners understand how to add a two-digit numbers. They had to add the two-digit numbers using base ten blocks and their place value mats.