We have had a busy few Katie Days. Yesterday’s field trip to the symphony was a highlight. Before the performance, we played in the Civic Center playground, ate snack and walked to the symphony, passing by City Hall and other SF civic buildings. When we arrived at Davies Symphony Hall, it was as though we were VIP’s, heading to the best seats. The conductor was animated and friendly and explained how the orchestra makes the various sounds. It was an interactive show with us raising our hands when we heard various sections, clapping along, singing rounds and marching in our seats. Then it was back to the playground for a quick lunch and back into the car for the slog home. (An overturned dump truck on 101 made the trip a little longer than expected, so a big thank you to our drivers!!!)

In the classroom the past few Katie Days we have been focusing on two things: lines in art, and combinations to 12 in math. For art we have been focusing on all the different types of lines, zig-zag, straight, curved, wavy, “castle”, spiral, etc… We started a fun glue line project in which learners made compositions solely by dripping glue in various lines onto cardboard. Then we cover the cardboard in tinfoil and “engrave” our pictures with more detailed lines. The monochromatic nature of the project really lends itself to the study of lines. We also are making some paintings using solid blocks of color and various black lines to create balanced compositions.

In math the focus has been on the combinations to 12. We have used dice-in-dice, number dice and dominoes to come up with the various combinations to 12. Why do numbers like 6 and 7 have more combinations when rolling two dice than 1 and 12? First graders have also been exploring word problems to come up with various combinations. For example, I have 12 apples, some are red some are green. What are all the different combinations of apples I could have? We have built these types of problems with unifix cubes, drawn pictures and made charts.

Unfortunately my phone had a quick dip in the toilet over Thanksgiving and I lost 3 weeks of photos and texts, so I only have pictures from the field trip to share. More pictures of our various art projects coming soon. Enjoy!IMG_4308

IMG_8599 IMG_8606 IMG_8600  IMG_4326 IMG_4323 IMG_4321 IMG_4320 IMG_4318 IMG_4317 IMG_4316 IMG_4315 IMG_4312 IMG_4308 image1