This morning we learned about the letter S .  Then we drew detailed pictures in our magic books of items that started with the letter S.

Then we had a class meeting about our Thanksgiving Feast.  The first graders shared what they remembered about the “work jobs” for our feast.  They were so proud and excited to share all of their memories from their special feast in November 2014.  It made me feel happy inside to hear how much they remembered and also how much it meant to all of them.  It is truly one of my favorite celebrations in Room 10.

We also had a readers workshop lesson titled “Readers Build Good Habits.”  We began with a lively discussion on “what is a habit” and why we all have good and some not so good habits.  Then we discussed what are some good habits for beginning readers.

We ended our day with a visit from a docent from the San Francisco Symphony.  Marianne gave a special music lesson to prepare the learners for our upcoming field trip to the San Francisco Symphony on Tuesday 12/1.