Dear Families,

Katie and I have enjoyed meeting with all of you for our parent conferences this week.  Thank you for our thoughtful and engaging conversations.  We both wish you a peaceful weekend!


On Wednesday we had our letter of the week lesson – K.  We made a list of every word we could think of that started with the letter K.  We quickly realized through our conversation that of the many words that we thought started with K actually started with C.  This realization lead to a thoughtful conversation.  The photo posted below is the list that we created during our discussion.


After recess we had PE and Spanish time. We ended our day with free choice and class read aloud time.

On Thursday we began our day with center time.  This week the kinders had math tiles and cooking.  They made delicious pumpkin pancakes!  A special thank you to Jenee for organizing fun cooking activities each week.  The first graders had math tiles and Slingerland review time with Colleen.  The first graders are almost done reviewing their uppercase letters.

image image image image

After snack time we had our official full scale earthquake drill.  We practiced what we would do for an actual earthquake duck, cover, and hold.  Then we evacuated the building and practiced what we would do in the event of an actual emergency.  The learners did a great job.  After that we had another writers workshop lesson on learning how to write about a small moment.  We ended our morning with PE.