The kinders had their first slingerland lesson this morning, while the first graders had center time with our wonderful parent volunteers in Educare.  David and Simona taught the first lesson for our unit of study on Community.  The children made a group collage of “suburban, big city, and rural” life.  There a two photos of the collage they made during center time posted below.

Each group had 30 minutes with me for the slingerland lesson and 30 minutes with Simona and David for their social studies lesson on Community.  The first graders have already completed an in-depth year of our learning to write slingerland program, so they will only be reviewing the letter formation for upper and lower case letters.  Once the first graders have reviewed all the letters we will have a readers workshop lesson each Monday during this time slot.  The kinders will have a slingerland lesson with me each Monday for the entire school year.  The kinders will also have a review lesson of the letters they have learned every other Thursday during center time.

Here is a brief explanation of the multi-sensory slingerland learning to write program.  The program teaches lower case letters first.  I will introduce/teach one letter each week in the beginning, and once the kinders understand the program, I will teach two letters per week.  The pictures below show a few of the steps involved in the program.

Today we learned the lowercase letter “h.”  Please ask your kinder about the “head line, belt line, and foot line.”

image image image image image image image image

After recess we had our weekly garden lesson.  Our lesson in the garden was titled “People Places vs Plant Places.”  Our lesson began with a discussion about the different types of places in the garden.  We made a list of the plant places vs people places.  We discussed why we need to have two different areas in our school garden.  After our discussion I had the learners pretend their pointer finger was a root of a plant.  Then I asked them to try and root into the ground with their pointer finger.  They quickly learned that the ground was hard and it was difficult to push their finger into the ground.  Then we all gathered around the flower bed and they used their same pointer finger to root into the flower bed.  The learners noticed immediately how easy it was to push their finger into the ground.  This lead to a great discussion of why flower beds are for growing our plants in, but not for us to walk on.  We ended our lesson with the learners drawing pictures in their garden journals of People Places vs Plant Places.

We ended our morning with a wonderful spanish lesson given by Elena our amazing spanish educator!

image image image image image image image