At the beginning of each month I will give a brief summary of what we will be studying for the next four weeks.
Writers Workshop Unit of Study for the month of October: Where do writers get their ideas?
In this unit we will make charts and talk about where authors get their ideas. We will read the children many books and discuss where the author may have gotten their idea. We will spend lots of time making books from all of our ideas. We will also learn how to write about small moments in our lives and how to write a personal narrative. The project/process of writing about a “small moment” will be completed in November. Please note that in Kindergarten many of their stories will be mainly expressed through detailed pictures.

Social Studies Unit of Study Community – October to December
Enduring understandings:
• A community is a group of people that come together for a shared purpose
• A community relies on different people to fulfill different roles (post office, fire department, police station etcetera)
• Each person brings something unique to the community

Essential Questions:
• What is a community?
• What are the different roles of community members?
• What are different types of communities?
• What are things we can do to contribute to our community?

Learners will know and understand
• Who are people in our community?
– Fireman, policeman, postal worker, Librarian, Nurse, Doctor, Trash Collector, Teachers, Volunteers, Veterinarians
• What is a neighborhood?
• Other types of communities
• Ways we contribute to our community

Learners will be able to
• Recognize different roles in the community
• Describe what a community is
• Assess needs of their own community
• Coordinate actions to help their own community


Readers Workshop Unit of Study – October
As readers we will learn how to:
• get our minds ready to read
• acquire print strategies
• be flexible with print strategies
• read with fluency
• choose the just-right book
Unit of Study for Math – October – Math Culture, Data, and Geometry
• We will create the math culture of our classroom – this will involve learning about number talks, math centers, math tiles, and whole group math lessons. We will discuss, explore, and learn the expectations for math in our classroom.
• We will study and learn how to gather data by making and using graphs, charts, and surveys. We will also study geometric patterns, and learn about shapes and their attributes.
For the month of October we continue practicing and concentrating on our breath, breathing in and breathing out. So far we have learned the spiderman, dolphin, crocodile, and butterfly breath. It is pretty amazing, but just doing the breathing exercises has helped all of us to calm down and be more settled in our bodies. Just remembering to take a deep breath is such an important skill in life.

The lessons for the month of October will be centered on: “Playing Mindfulness”
The lessons and objectives listed below are from “The Way of Mindful Education” by Daniel Rechtschaffen

The learning objectives for Playing Mindfulness are:
Playing mindfulness introduces students to mindful breath awareness
The practices help to cultivate attention by focusing awareness on the breath with body movements
The movements support the students to experience connection and aliveness in their bodies while also enhancing their capacity to relax and be centered
Through progressive practices students learn to go from fun external movements to internal stillness.

Phonics Lessons from Pinnell and Fountas for October
These lessons are taught each afternoon during our first grade language arts time. The lessons are taught in a systematic order to support the children in reading and writing through-out the school year.
The topics that will be covered during October are: (although this a rough schedule depending on how the lessons go each week, sometimes we may need more/less time for a certain lesson)
– Learning letter names and sounds (alphabet wall)
– Exploring syllables (name graph)
– Saying words slowly to predict letter sequence (words in a sentences)
– Changing the first letter of a word (magnetic letters)
– Hearing ending sounds (picture lotto)
– Hearing beginning and ending sounds in words
– Identifying Onsets and Rimes
– Hearing and Blending Onsets and Rimes
– Identifying and Blending Onsets and Rimes