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Dear Families,

I am sorry I am sending this out a little late.  I had a very busy weekend and I am finally getting caught up.  We were in Tahoe to support and cheer our son Nolan in his first 70.3 ironman. It was a very fun and quite exciting to see him race on Sunday.


I started the blog update on Thursday but I never got it sent. So here is the update from last week!

This week we began with our letter of the week.  We will be learning our letters in Slingerland order because it matches our writing program.  I will explain more about Slingerland when we begin it later next week.  Our first letter study was about the letter “L.”  This year our letter study will also be connected to the vegetables, plants, or animals that we find in the garden.  We thought it would be special to connect the garden to our weekly letter study.  The first part of our letter study is to create a list of every word we can think of that begins with the letter L.  Then I read the learners an alphabet garden book that has pictures of everything you can find in a garden.  It is a very colorful and fun book.  I also have some very beautiful garden themed alphabet cards.  This week to match the letter L, we learned about lady bugs, lettuce, lemons, leeks, lima beans, and limes.  The attached photos are of the learners decorating their letter of week journals.

On Thursday Ron came for a special visit.  He read them a story and of course told them lots of mischief stories about Ginger and Hazel.  Ron has already become a very special visitor and friend for the children in Room 10.

After lunch on Thursday the 1st graders had langauge arts time. The 1st graders rotated through three different stations while I worked individually with learners on assessments. Our three centers were: phonics with Erica, listening center, and independent writing time.  The attached photos are of the three stations.