Making mistakes is a natural part of learning and celebrating these stumbles teaches us to take risks. On Friday we celebrated making mistakes with the great Barney Saltzberg book, “Beautiful Oops!” On each page a “mistake” — such as a tear, fold, hole or paint splotch –- is depicted. After reading the book, I passed around pieces of paper with mistakes on them. The learners’ job was to turn them into something incorporating the “oops” in their creation. The learners quickly understood that every perceived mistake is an opportunity to make something surprising, innovative, and often more creative than originally envisioned! At free choice the children happily raided the recycling bin to make more “beautiful oops”.

Other art activities the past few Katie Days have been finishing our multimedia self portraits (now hung on the back bulletin board) and looking at self portraits throughout history (van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Picasso, etc…) and starting our own.

For math we’ve been focusing on patterns, including making patterns in unifix cubes and having partners guess what comes next, creating clapping patterns, making a pattern mobile with popsicle sticks and much more. We also started some dice counting and addition games and will continue with these types of math games for the next week or two.

Language Arts time has included reading When the Relatives Came and writing our own narrative about our summers. We also have been working on making predictions and making connections to books (and doing the official Room 10 connection sign when we have a connection) during read alouds.