We have had a very busy week in Room 10.  On Wednesday we made our September calendars that the learners all brought home after school.  We also continued with our discussion about our classroom agreements.  During our morning meeting on Wednesday we made three categories for our classroom agreements.  The categories were place, self, and other.  I shared with the children that our agreements would all fall into these three topics/areas.  I also shared that we want to keep the word “no” out of our agreements, and I would like for there to not be any negative language in them.  The language of the classroom agreements is all part of the responsive classroom approach.  During our meeting we came up with our first draft of our classroom agreements:

The words below came from your precious children:

We want to have a calm and peaceful classroom

We agree to keep our classroom and school clean

Be a good role model

Be a good listener

Be kind and a good friend

Walk quietly

Be respectful

This morning we came up with our final list of agreements:

1.  Everyone gets to play and learn

2.  We agree that we all need a calm and peaceful classroom

3. We will keep our classroom organized

4. We will be good listeners and raise our hand when we want to share

5. We will be a good friend

After recess today we had writers workshop.  We had a class meeting to learn how we will make books and write in Room 10.  I will post a photo of what we discussed during our writers workshop lesson.  (It is the last photo that I posted.)  After our lesson they all had table time to work on their books.  Then we had PE and our closing circle.  In the afternoon I continued the process of assessing the first graders.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Ron and I are leaving early tomorrow morning for our pre-event H4AC meeting in Yosemite at Curry Village.  After our meeting we will head to our cabin for the long three-day weekend.  I am looking forward to a few days to enjoy the mountains and my family.

The photos below are of:

Making our September calendars

Ron’s visit on Wednesday – he read them the book “The First Dog” by Jan Brett

Spanish time Elena

Making books during writers workshop

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